Teachers Treasures

Teachers Treasures is a program established by teachers for teachers. Retiring teachers donate their new and gently used items to EEA.   These items are recycled and given to first year beginning teachers. 

Our volunteer leaders, Tina and Brittany Dunson, sort through every donated item, organize it by grade level and subject area, and set it up for easy shopping.  Along with, helping the EEA officers and staff to coordinate a week-long event where our Community partners, active and retired teachers, and staff not only help out physically, but are there to guide and direct a novice beginning teacher to properly select the materials they need for the enrichment of their teaching.

Tina Dunson and her daughter Brittany, for the last 9 years, have spent countless hours turning this chaos into a mini Shopping Mall for beginning teachers. 

Here are a few of the “in process” pictures.  

The Beginning of getting sorted and organized

The Middle

Organized & ready for New Teachers!

Ready, Set, Teach!

Our New Teachers find value in our Classroom Treasures and the expertise shared by our experts in the field of education!

EEA takes up donations of gently used and new classroom supplies to be recycled and passed on to our beginning teachers.  These items come from teachers retiring, changing grade levels, moving out of the district or changing their profession.  

Every year’s donations far exceed the previous year.  Our master teacher, volunteer, and organizer Tina Dunson is an extraordinary person who has taken on this challenge without hesitation.  She spends countless hours going through every donated item, sorting them by grade level and reusability so that New Teachers can come and shop to stock and decorate their classrooms, in order.  

To Tina and all the volunteers - thank you!

EEA doesn't know how we would do this without you!!!