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Bargaining Updates


We have reached an Agreement!

Your Bargaining Team and Chairs worked really hard on your behalf.  Please let them know how much your appreciate them when you see them.   They are:  Chairs - Jim Bobbitt, Vince Childers and Shauna Paedae.  Team Members - Gene Bodkin, Annie Carter, Austin Courson and Nicole Lindsey.  Presidents are Donna Harper, EEA and David Elzbeck, ESP. 



Attached is discussion of the salary increase between your unions and the district.   
Click the link to get the details.


ESPs - We Have Reached an Agreement

Last night your ESP Bargaining Team met with the district once again to negotiate salary increases for the 2018-2019 school year.  After much discussion both parties signed the tentative agreement below.

see link


Salary Schedule and other TAs


EEA-ESP Negotiations

Last night your teams met with District Representatives to continue the negotiations on the EEA Master Contract and Salaries for the EEA and ESP units.  The EEA team has moved to within a few words on language agreements. 


EEA-ESP Salary Negotiations Part III

Your Unions’ Combined Bargaining Team met once again with the District to discuss salary and supplement increases for the 2018-2019 school year.


EEA Language Negotiations Continue

Last night, your EEA Bargaining team met with the district to discuss contract language.


EEA - Are We Getting Any Closer?

Last night, your EEA Bargaining team met with the district to discuss contract language following salary negotiations. Some of the progress that Your EEA made included:


EEA-ESP Salary Negotiations Part II

Your Unions’ Combined Bargaining Team met once again with the District to discuss salary and supplement increases for the 2018-2019 school year.


EEA Full Book Bargaining Update

Last night, your EEA Bargaining team met with the district to discuss contract language. We discussed four of the remaining articles and are close to agreeing to language on items such as adjusting the placement schedule each year, ESE Advisory Council, evaluations, personnel files, and investigations, and we are reviewing new language that was presented regarding the use of involuntary transfer in lieu of termination.  There are still some larger issues that Your EEA is continuing to advocate for at the table.


EEA-ESP Salary Negotiations have Begun

Your Unions’ Combined Bargaining Team had their first session with the district discussing salaries last night October 18th at the Escambia FEA office.


EEA Full Book Update

On Wednesday, September 26th, your bargaining team met with the district once again to come to some resolutions on proposed contract language. We were able to come to agreements on some language changes, but Your EEA is still advocating on some larger issues.


See link for other details.


EEA Full Book Bargaining Update

EEA Bargaining Update from Thursday, September 6, 2018


EEA & ESP Insurance Negotiations

Attached is the information on the Insurance Negotiations between the Escambia County School District and EEA and Escambia ESP.



EEA - Back to the Table

EEA has gone back to the bargaining table with the district.  See this post for details.


EEA Tentative Agreements & MOU

Attached are:


EEA's Ratification is Coming

EEA's Bargaining Update from Jan 31, 2018


ESPs - We Are Not There Yet

ESPs Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Bargaining Update


Are We Getting Closer?

EEA - ESP Bargaining Update January 25, 2018


A New Year, but Not a New Proposal

A New Year, but Not a New Proposal


All in the Bargain

Stand Up and Speak Up


ESP Full Book Negotiations Part 3

Escambia ESP Full Book Negotiations Part III


All in the Bargain #1 Salaries

All in the Bargain #1


All in the Bargain #2 Language

All in the Bargain #2 Language


Negotiations Have Begun

September 21, 2017  


EEA & ESP Salary Update

Escambia ESP Full Book Begins





Insurance Ratification


The Employee Benefits Trust Committee has made recommendations (link memo) for the 2018 Plan Year for your health insurance. Per the Master Contract, the members of the bargaining units must vote on ratification of the Stipulation of Agreement (link agreement).  Ratification will take place at all work locations during the week of September 5-8th.  Ballots for all  School Bus Operators and Assistants will come via US Mail on August 25, 2017 and must be returned to our office. All ballots must be returned to the Escambia FEA Office 6551 N. Palafox Hwy by Tuesday, September 12, 2017 by 5:00 pm when the count will take place. WE CANNOT RECEIVE RETURNED BALLOTS THROUGH THE COURIER. If you have any questions, please call our office at (850) 476-2906.


Stipulation of Agreement


2018 Initial Recommendations of the EBC




Ratification Results




Last night your colleagues gathered at the EEA/Escambia ESP office to tabulate the results of the recent ratification on Salaries and Supplements, Health Insurance and an extension of the ESP Master Contract. 


Below are the results:




For:  1301 (83%)

Against: 275 (17%)




For:  810 (79%)

Against: 219 (21%)


 Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote.

And a special thanks to your colleagues on both bargaining teams who volunteered hours of their time to bring these difficult negotiations to a close.


These members gave up their time to come and tally ballots.

       EEA ballot counting 1EEA ballot counting 2

EEA members Rose Coon, Brandi Cole,  Annie Carter, Anne Getty, Richard Loiselle, Austin Courson, Annmarie Sluka and EEA President Donna Harper counting ballots.


ESP ballot counting 1      ESP ballot counting 2

ESP members David Elzbeck, Jean Levins, Keith Etheridge, Linda Holt, Deborah Jones and ESP President Linda Pate counting ballots.


EEA Salary Ratification Clarification




EEA Ratification Clarification information pertaining to Salaries


EEA & Escambia ESP Ratification info






EEA and Escambia ESP reached tentative agreement on Salaries, Supplements, Insurance and other articles.  Ballots have gone out in the courier and you should receive them Monday, Sept 26, 2016.  They are due back to the Escambia FEA office by Wednesday, October 5, 2016.  Bus Personnel ballots have been mailed to their homes.  Click the appropriate link below to see the articles and tentative agreements.



EEA Ratification information


Escambia ESP Ratification information



Agreement on Salary Increases Reached





Thursday night September 15, 2016, your combined EEA/Escambia ESP bargaining team reached a tentative agreement for salaries for the current school year as well as changes to the 2017 school year.


The agreement calls for a 1% salary increase for all teachers plus a $200 increase for all teachers with an Effective or Highly Effective evaluation last year.


ESP’s received a 1.3% increase in their salary.


All increases are retroactive to July 1, 2016.


Previously we reported that there had been an agreement on the insurance changes.  EEA then ratified those changes but Escambia ESP voted no to the changes.


In last night’s tentative agreement Your Team continued to support the changes to the insurance plan.  Your Team agrees that changes must be made to keep the plan from becoming financially unstable and thus require more drastic changes.


The ESP members of the team also agreed to a one year extension of the current Master Contract.  This extension protects the language in your contract such as Longevity Pay and Discipline.


EEA and the District are still in discussions over Planning Time, Summer School employment and a few new supplements. 


In the next two weeks we will be conducting the ratification vote.  Please stay tuned.


Insurance and Salary Negotiations Continue



On Wednesday, September 7, 2016, your combined EEA / Escambia ESP bargaining team met in further discussions around Insurance.  It was your teams turn to give the District a proposal.


To briefly recap, the District has offered a one percent one-time bonus to offset the proposed increase in premiums.


In response Your EEA/Escambia ESP team presented the following:


  • For each employee participating in the District’s Health Insurance Plan, the District shall contribute $400 to that employee’s HSA or HRA.
  • Increase Salaries for both units by 2% across the board.
  • For Annual Contract Teachers with a Highly Effective rating the salary shall be increased by an additional $90.  For Annual Contract Teachers with a rating of Effective the salary shall be increased by an additional $60.


Your team’s proposal continues to acknowledge the need to make changes to the plan in order to maintain a reserve that is required to be self-insured.  While it is always tempting to look into becoming fully insured, it is more expensive in the long run to pay a corporation a profit to provide the same service we can provide alone.


After a very brief break, the District responded to Your Unions’ proposal with an additional $150 salary increase for teachers who are rated as Highly Effective – regardless of contract status.  I included no additional money for teachers rated Effective or lower, nor any ESP.


Our next bargaining session is scheduled for September 12, 2016 immediately following the EEA Site Leader meeting, approximately 6:30 p.m.  The session will take place at the Escambia FEA office, 6551 N. Palafox St.  Everyone is welcome.


Insurance Negotiations Resume/Other Compensation Is On The Table


Last night, your combined EEA and Escambia ESP bargaining team met with the District team to revisit the proposed changes to the 2017 Health Insurance Plan.


The District brought a proposal that showed no changes to the plan proposal itself but did include a 1% bonus to help offset the increased cost to the employees.  The District spokesperson pointed out that one advantage to the bonus is it would be a full 1% as the 3% retirement contribution would not be taken out of the money.  However, it means next year you would no longer be receiving that amount, because it is a bonus.


In discussions, the two parties agree that the projected short fall of the trust fund is real.  Our team has looked at the numbers provided by the independent actuarial firm contracted to do the analysis of the fund.  It is the opinion of your team that changes must be made to the current plan in order to preserve employee insurance for the future.  The real quest is what will be done to minimize the impact to employees.


Your team will be working on response to give to the District next Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 5:00.  The meeting will be held at our Escambia FEA Offices, 6551 N. Palafox St.  We invite all of our members to attend so that they may see firsthand how the process works.


Agreement On Insurance Changes




Agreement and TAs on Insurance Changes



     Insurance TAs - July 12, 2016


     Insurance Premium Schedule S-9


Salary Settlement

Dear Escambia County School District Employee, 

On November 23, 2015, your Escambia ESP Bargaining Team reached an agreement with the School District's team on an across the board 2% raise for all members of the Escambia ESP bargaining unit. On the reverse side of this paper you will find a copy of the tentatively agreed to salary schedule. This raise is retro-active to July 1, 2015. The retro pay will be paid after the first of the year.

That same night, we agreed to allow to a bonus of $200 for all members of the bargaining unit to be paid prior to Winter Break.

Your worksite Union Representative will be conducting a ratification vote this week. Please take this time to be INvolved in your profession by participating in this process.

Thank you for all you do for the children of Escambia County

Linda Pate
Union of Escambia Education Staff Professionals


2016 Master Contract Tentative Agreement

On Monday, November 23, your bargaining team reached a tentative agreement on the Salaries and Supplements for the 2015- 2016 school year as well as the 2015 - 2018 Master Contract. Below is a summary of the tentative agreements. It should be noted that while your team was not able to secure as large a raise as they would have liked, the new language giving successful Annual Contract teachers some measure of job security was a major accomplishment.

Salaries and Supplements: All teachers regardless of their contract status will receive a cost of living increase of 1.6% and an additional set amount depending on their contract status and evaluation. These additional amounts are salary increases; not bonuses. Consequently, the increase teachers will see is between 2 and 3% depending on their level, evaluation and contract status. It is important to note that these "performance" increases were negotiated to be in compliance with Florida Statute 1012.22. The additional raises will be awarded according to the following:

    • Professional Contract and Continuing Contract teachers with Effective or higher evaluations - $600
    • Annual Contract teachers with an Effective evaluation • $700
    • Annual Contract teachers with a Highly Effective evaluation - $1150

All increases are retro-active to July I, 2015. You will receive $200 of the increase before Winter Break and the remainder will be paid after the first of the year.

These additional salary increases will be based primarily on the Danielson rating. Student achievement test scores will only be used if they do not negatively affect your overall rating. Student achievement test scores will not be used if they lower your overall rating.

While your EEA team worked to raise all supplements, the District was not willing to make significant changes to the supplement schedule this year. It should also be noted that since the supplements are indexed to the base salary, there will be a slight increase in the supplements again this year.

Also, there is no change to the advanced degree supplements.

Article I (General Provisions): Change in the effective dates of the Master Contract

Article II (Employment Considerations): Clarification that new teachers to the district or those with a break in service shall be placed on the salary schedule on the same level as those with the same years of continuous service in the school district.

A provision giving Annual Contract teachers with three years of Effective or Highly Effective final ratings on all Danielson components and no disciplinary actions for the previous year a guaranteed renewal if there is a position available at their school

Article III (Resolution of Grievances and Problems): A provision allowing the District and the Union to skip the Level 2 hearing and move directly to arbitration in grievances involving suspensions or terminations

Removal of the provision suspending time lines for filing for arbitrations during the summer break.

Article IV (Association and Management Rights): No changes
Article V (Working Conditions): The establishment of two "working groups" to look into issues surrounding Summer School employment and Extended Day Schools

Removal of the language establishing a committee to develop a Lead Mentor program

Article VI (Professional Issues): Updating language to confonn to the use of electronic record keeping
Change the time line for establishing a Duty!Planning Time Committee at each school from post school to the two weeks prior to the end of the school year

Language prohibiting the District from discouraging "in any manner" teachers from pursuing their rights in processing complaints against students for assault

Change the ESE paper days from one each semester to allow the teacher to detennine when the two days shall be used

The establishment of a "working group" to look into issues surrounding Exceptional Student Education

Article VII (Promotions, Transfers, Reduction and Recall):
The inclusion of Annual Contract teachers in Priority Transfers

The establishment of a Priority Transfer Day event where all currently employed teachers can explore a transfer to another school

The prohibition of a "Job Fair" for applicants from outside the District until after the Priority Transfer Day event
Establishing a "tie breaker" for involuntary transfers when the Danielson Rubric score is within 5 points

Article VIII (Seniority): No change

Article IX (Professional Assessment and Development): No change - further discussions will take place in the E3 committee

Article X (Personnel Files): No change

Article XI (Employee Disciplinary Procedures): Language stating that it may not be appropriate to begin discipline of a teacher at a lower level of severity for serious offenses

Article XII (Leave Provisions): No change

Article XIII (Compensation): Editorial change only

Article XIV (Employee Benefits): No change

Article XV (Enhancement of the Profession): No change


Insurance Change Agreement Salary Talks Delayed

Your combined EEA and Escambia ESP bargaining team met Monday night August 24 for further discussions on the 2015-2016 salary increases and insurance plan changes.  The two sides agreed to implement a change to the premium schedule and wellness benefit; an increase in employee premiums of $10 per month.  To offset this increase, the wellness incentive will also be increased by $15 per month.  This would bring the wellness incentive to a total of $35 per month.

As mentioned in our last “It’s All In the Bargain, the parties have agreed to a small monthly increase in premiums to shore up our financially struggling dental insurance program.  These changes are for the 2015-2016 plan year, only.  Below are those changes:

    • The District increases its contribution to the Dental Insurance Plan from $11.65 to $12.65 per month (a $1.00) increase.
    • The suspension of the affected articles from the Master Contracts for the 2016 Plan Year, only.
    • The premium schedule as presented by the Employee Benefit Committee:
      • Basic Plan – Employee Only – from $0.00 to $1.00 per month ($1.00 increase)
      • Basic Plan – Employee + Family – from $14.05 to $15.45 per month (a $1.40 increase)
      • Enhanced Plan – Employee only – from $8.75 to $9.55 per month (a $.80 increase)
      • Enhanced Plan – Employee + Family – From $35.25 to $38.00 per month (a $2.75 increase)
    • The District shall seek options for a dental insurance plan in the hopes of acquiring a more user friendly and beneficial dental program at a reasonable cost.


In regards to salaries, both sides have agreed to delay further negotiations while the District’s staffing and issues surrounding the validity of some of the tests for use in performance pay are cleared up.  As a reminder, your Unions are proposing a 3.5% raise, while the District is offering a 1.75% raise.

If you are not already a member of EEA we encourage you to join us in working for a better education for our students by supporting the professionals that work each day for a better Escambia County School System.  Once a date has been set to resume negotiations on salaries we will announce that in a future “It’s All In the Bargain”.  In the meantime EEA’s negotiating team will meet with the District on the Master Contract negotiations Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 4:30pm at the Escambia Educations Association’s office at 6551 N. Palafox St.  All negotiations are open to the public.

All sessions are open to the public.  Get INvolved by attending.