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Epilepsy Foundation of Florida





The Epilepsy Foundation, a national non-profit with more than 47 affiliated organizations throughout the United States, has led the fight against seizures since 1968.  The Foundation is an unwavering ally for individuals and families impacted by epilepsy and seizures.  The Foundation works to prevent, control and cure epilepsy through community services; public education; federal and local advocacy; and supporting research into new treatments and therapies.  The Foundation works to ensure that people with seizures have the opportunity to live their lives to their fullest potential. 



OUR MISSION:  The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida (EFOF) leads the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.



Epilepsy Foundation of Florida


The Epilepsy Foundation is a family-led, community based organization with 48 affiliates across the country.  Our affiliates offer programs and services for people impacted by seizures and their family, friends and local community.  Services for people living with epilepsy include support groups and art therapy.  Programs include training programs in seizure recognition and first aid for school personnel, police officers, first responders and other community members and public servants. 





  • Image result for epilepsy ribbon free imagesEpilepsy is a condition of the brain causing seizures.
  • A seizure is a disruption of the electrical communication between neurons.
  • Someone is said to have epilepsy if they experience two or more unprovoked seizures separated by at least 24 hours.
  • 65 MILLION: Number of people around the world who have epilepsy.
  • 3 MILLION: Number of people in the United States who have epilepsy.
  • 1 IN 26 people in the United States will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime.
  • BETWEEN 4 AND 10 OUT OF 1,000: Number of people on earth who live with active seizures at any one time. 
  • 150,000: Number of new cases of epilepsy in the United States each year.
  • 400,000: Number of Floridians living with epilepsy.
  • ONE-THIRD: Number of people with epilepsy who live with uncontrollable seizures because no available treatment works for them.
  • 6 OUT OF 10: Number of people with epilepsy where the cause is unknown.



Epilepsy Foundation of Florida Pensacola office 

2401 Airport Executive Plaza, Suite 3B

Pensacola, FL  32504


8:30 am - 5:00 pm



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For Adults with Epilepsy only:

The Pensacola support group meets every 3rd Thursday of the month.

From 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. 



For Parents of Children with Epilepsy:

The Pensacola support group meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month

6:00 - 7:30 p.m. 







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Epilepsy Walk logo




Walk the Talk for Epilepsy 2019



Historic Seville Square



Registration - 8 am / Walk - 9 am.


 To Join a Team or to Donate


go here to the 2019


Epilepisy Foundation 


of FL website.