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Shopping for Treasures

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Leave a Legacy



Teachers Treasures / Leave a Legacy Is a program through EEA where teachers who are retiring donate their gently used items to EEA so they may be recycled and given to new beginning teachers. Our volunteers, Tina and Brittany, sort through everything and orgainize it by grade level and subject area.



Tina Dunson and her daughter Brittany,  for the last 5 years, have spent countless hours turning this chaos into a mini Shopping Mall for new beginning teachers.  Here are a few of the "in process" pictures.  We will post more as we go along.


 Ready, Set, Teach!

Supplies are dwindling. 

Our New Teachers found value in our Treasures!

 Tea Trea Shop D-1


Tea Trea Shop D-2



The Beginning: 

Teachers Trea corner July 2017


The Middle:

Teachers Treas 1


Organized & ready for New Teachers!

Tea Trea-1 

HB 7069 



Governor Scott signed


HB 7069 


Thursday, June  15 and


it became a reality!




"Our students, teachers


and traditional public


schools deserve better."



Governor Scott




HB 7069


  • Strips local school districts of spending flexibility, reducing their ability to effectively address student needs.


  • Creates another hollow teacher bonus scheme tied to the faulty evaluation system - instead of funding pay raises for all education employees.


  • Allows charter schools to take Title 1 funds from traditional public schools, which will lead to cuts at the schools that can least afford them.


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In November of 2013, the district accused me of interfering with an investigation they asked me to conduct.  Eventually, Escambia County wrongfully fired me from my job! 


For the next 14 months, EEA stood by me.


EEA represented me here in the district.  EEA paid for a lawyer to challenge my dismissal.  This saved me approximately $46,000.  On January 14, 2015, I am returning to my job with full back pay and benefits.


If you are not a member of your union, I encourage you to join me in support of those who support us. 


Greg Mangram


Greg Mangram Video 









In the spring of 2015, I was called to a meeting to discuss issues involving my probationary status as a new employee.  I asked my supervisor for my Union Representative to accompany me in the meeting.  All I wanted was someone to be on my side.  My supervisor became upset and by the end of the day told me I was being dismiss because I had not successfully completed my probationary period.


Escambia ESP, my Union, stood by me.  They assigned me an attorney and within a few months I was returned to work in a new location, in a job that better suited my skills as an employee and with back pay.


Without my union I might still be unemployed and all I had to do was maintain my membership.


Karen Elzbeck





The video below shows EEA Member Shirley Hill's story on how her union stood by her.





FEA Legal - "Shirley Hill a True Story" from Nozo Media on Vimeo.







FYRE with border



FYBe a VoiceRE is a group of young educator unionists (35 years of age and younger) 


who are passionate about preserving public education and reclaiming our profession.


EEA trans logo 


 EEA's FYRE Chair, Brandi Cole, has scheduled several upcoming events.



To find out how you can get involved with EEA's FYRE call 476-2906



If you are a member of FYRE and would like to order a shirt, click this link.


FYRE Shirt





Click here to see the current list of upcoming events.



FYRE on Facebook     FYRE on Facebook 


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Go to your App or Google  Play store to download My Deals.  Follow the directions and if asked for a Product Key, enter "9389-".    If you need help call    1-888-304-9048.  Must be a member to participate.


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